ANBAU ENTERPRISES Anbau develops and invests in luxury residential properties in New York City. Over the past twenty years, Anbau has established a deep knowledge of the city and its local residential product type. Our goal is to create homes for the diverse and ever-changing needs of the 21st-century urban dweller. Our entrepreneurial culture promotes out-of-the-box thinking that encourages creative solutions to design, construction, and marketing challenges. Each building is architecturally distinct, with an identity closely tied to its context and submarket. Special attention is given to floor plans, a building’s skin, and these elements’ relationship to each other. Success is measured in the details of the design.

CORCORAN SUNSHINE With over 30 years of experience in marketing and collective sales of $40 billion, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group is the recognized industry leader in the planning, design, marketing, and sale of luxury residential development. Representing properties throughout the United States and in select international locations, Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group’s portfolio contains a curated collection of the world’s most desirable new addresses.

MORRIS ADJMI Morris Adjmi loves cities. He’s dedicated to understanding the histories and complex forces that shape them. As the founder and principal of Morris Adjmi Architects, Morris leads an office that specializes in interpreting those forces to create buildings that are contextual but unmistakably contemporary—buildings that may not feel like they’ve always been there, but feel like they should have always been there. The resulting work, which has become a favorite of both forward-thinking developers and history-minded preservationists, has put Adjmi at the vanguard of revitalizing post-industrial neighborhoods and historic districts with an architecture that bridges the past and the present without reverting to historicism or relying on nostalgia.

OPEN PROJECT Design and branding.

MOSO STUDIO Architectural renderings.